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Rain City Recorders

White Lung - Drown With The Monster (Official Video)
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Recorded and Mixed by Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders
Directed by Steven Andrew Garcia

After releasing two incredible, hard-hitting albums and countless singles on various indie labels - White Lung are thrilled to make their jump to the Domino family. Vancouver's resilient rock'n'roll outfit hit the ground running with their new, powerful single 'Drown With The Monster' which articulates prevailing lyrics and infectious guitars whirled in relentless drum beats.

White Lung's singer Mish Way discusses "Drown With The Monster":
"I was looking at these pieces by Andrea Mary Marshall in The New Inquiry and there was this quote from her, 'Toxic Women are toxic to themselves. They are Tragic Heroines who blow dry their own wounds. I aspire to be the opposite.' This song is about kicking habits and running away with a new distraction. It's a song about my two biggest vices, but I'd rather drown with the monster than blow dry my wounds."

Check out the Video Below!

Rain City Recorders is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. The Studio is in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, steps from Main St. which is home to trendy restaurants and all amenities essential to musician survival. The Studio has a beautiful live room. It's a great room to track a band together, with ample room for everyone to play. We have a tight dead room right beside the drum room for amps and cabinets and also a lobby hangout area that doubles as a reverb chamber if the session calls for some Bon Jovi on the snare. We have tons of high end gear and mics, a shitload of amps and cabs all at your disposal. Making records here is fun. Thats how recording should be.

Rain City Recorders has a talented staff offering a ton of different services. From performance enhancement editing to tracking, mixing and mastering. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen.

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